Without a doubt, this was the most highly valued session by the audience. Comments ranged from ”Great” to ”Zach alone was worth the trip.“
Meeting Planner Systems Engineering

“All I can say is, Wow, What Perfection! After the meeting, we were deluged with compliments.”
Manager of Communications IBM Corporation

”Our incentive trips have several purposes...to reward high achievers...to build their enthusiasm. You were a major contributor to this objective.“
— Manager Honeywell Limited

” ‘I laughed...I cried... There is always hope...‘ These are some of the comments I heard after Zach's keynote address.”
Vice President Computer Resource

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The Bottom Line Begins With You

In his uniquely personable way, Zach helps everyone in your organization to realize that they have a tangible stake in the Bottom Line. His exhilarating, motivating and humorous message focuses on:

  • The buck stops here!
  • The debilitating effect of societal malaise — imagined burnout; retire-itis; the ”I’m Owed Happiness” syndrome.
  • The A-B-Ps of Personal Responsibility: How Attitudes affect Behaviors which in turn determine Performance at home and on the job.
  • The Four Cardinal Principles of maintaining positive attitudes for success.
The Beauty of Basics

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What does it take to make an organization world-class instead of simply mediocre? Attention to basics: the foundation for business and personal success. This message, at once timely and timeless, explores:

  • Why lofty-sounding goals like ”Soar with the Eagles“ or ”Go for the Gold“ can become just empty rhetoric.
  • How contemporary living creates Negativity Knots.
  • Untying those Negativity Knots to unleash a ”can-do“ attitude at home and in the workplace.
  • The vital link between Personal Responsibility and success — for the individual, for the organization.
The Power of Change

Zach's newest program!

Energizing his audience through insightful role-playing, humorously poignant anecdotes from real life situations Zach:

  • allays veteran employees fears of change.
  • simultaneously reassures and motivates veteran workers to perceive change as a positive force.
  • provides his audience an understandable, positive framework in which to view change in a non-stressful manner.
  • shares upbeat anecdotes reinforcing contemporary societal barriers to successfully embracing change.
  • offers practical, real-life techniques for meeting the challenges of change.
  • enables his audience to refocus their energies in a positive, useful direction at work and at play.
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