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“Thank you for the wonderfully inspiring talk on Opening Day at Sewanhaka. You and I had not been together for five or six years, but clearly, you have not lost a step, and actually seem to be improving with age. ..so with the pressure on I went to the best I knew. Thanks for coming through for us.“
Superintendent of School
Sewanhaka Central High School, NY

There is no better way for administrators, teachers and staff to begin a new school year than to be “Zach-arized”! All of us are still spellbound after hearing your experiences using candor, wit, humor and absolute truth about education specifically and life in general”
— Assistant to the Superintendent Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

“Thank you! Thank you!...You certainly keep the pulse of schools, their teachers and support staff. You were able to touch nerves and feelings in ways that do change behavior and help to bring positive environments for students and other staff.”
— Superintendent of Schools Metropolis, Illinois

“I think the message you were giving not only applied to the teachers but to school secretaries and other support service staff as well. Never has time passed so quickly.”
School Secretary Dalton, Georgia

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Miracles Begin with You


Miracles Begin with You Through humor, role playing and drama in this presentation recommended for his first visit to a district, Zach:

  • explores hypocrisy in contemporary society and its impact on schools (“In-my-day” disease, Responsibility buck-passing syndrome, and more);
  • portrays what‘s happening within schools (retire-itis, imagined burnout, educator buck passing);
  • allows educators to assess their own attitudes without feeling threatened;
  • leaves educators laughing at themselves, yet challenged to make a positive difference in students‘ lives;
  • rejuvenates total staff audiences, both certified and support. ››

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God Don’t Make No Junk!

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Delivering a tonic for anyone who works with kids, Zach:

  • takes the audience on a kindergarten journey, portraying the immense diversity of personalities among children;
  • describes the injustices which often occur within the education system;
  • asks the tough question, ”Whose responsibility is it?“;
  • presents the basics of his Education Goals Student Model.

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Pause for Reflection, Joy and Inspiration

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In his uniquely personable way, Zach:

  • salutes the unsung heroes in today's schools;
  • playfully satirizes the “gurus” of education;
  • underscores the relationship between professional and personal goals;
  • concludes with his famous “grandfather story,” which offers a poignant philosophy of life;
  • renews the joy of teaching.

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The A-B-Ps of Education Leadership

Taking the superintendent/principal/education leader audience on an emotional rollercoaster, Zach:

  • provides insights on how positive Attitudes affect Behaviors which, in turn, affect Performance;
  • brings perspective to the public’s changing attitudes about schools;
  • retains focus on education’s most critical resource: people;
  • celebrates the power of focusing on what’s right with schools;
  • illustrates the positive aspects of change and uncertainty;
  • rejuvenates the audience and challenges them to become role models for positive schools.
The Power of Change

Zach's newest program!


Addressing the fears and concerns of educators surrounding the unsettling changes sweeping contemporary education, Zach:

  • allays veteran educator’s fears of change.
  • provides his audience an understandable, positive framework in which to view change in a positive, non-stressful manner.
  • shares upbeat anecdotes which reinforce how to successfully embrace change.
  • offers practical, real-life techniques for meeting the challenges of change.
  • enables his audience to refocus their energies in a positive, useful direction at school and at home.
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